Age: 20
Hair: Black in back, green in front
Eyes: One black, one yellow

Although he’s a mystic with the power to bend reality, Reth us admittedly the closest to "normal" out of all the cast. If he had his way, he’d settle into a quiet, white collar job, and only practice subtle mysticism in the privacy of his own home. However, Reth almost never has things go his way. Stuck in the role of "Voice of reason that’s rarely listened to", he tries his best to get some form of control over his life.

"I sometimes think that, if I were suddenly struck mad where I stand, life would become bearable. But only by lightest use of the term."

Age: 20
Hair: Extremely pale blue (almost white)
Eyes: Red

Mila comes from an... "interesting" family, to say the least. Mila's parents are uber goths who have used magic to make themselves come as close to being real-life vampires as possible. Mila’s personality can therefore be explained by her unique upbringing. As a child, she was an unholy terror. Then she discovered anime and became just plain odd. She can often be found partaking in pastimes such as singing J-pop in graveyards at midnight, or playing a hacked version of Dance Dance Revolution that plays Manson songs. She’s a walking contradiction.

"Is a loyal army of Bishonen Vampire Man-slaves who supply me with pocky and Edward Gorey merchandise too much to ask?"

Age: 18
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Pink

Optimistic, cute, perky, friendly, the most good natured person you’re ever likely to meet. But don’t let all that lull you into believing that she’s harmless. Push her to the limit, or mess with someone she loves, and she will royally |-|4XX0R j0R 455!!! She is, admittedly, quite naïve and often wears her heart on her sleeve, where it’s more likely to be broken. But should anyone ever dare do that to her, rest assured the many friends she’s made with her natural charisma will team up and kick their ass.

"So I was, like, "isn’t it the cutest lil’ puppy you’ve ever seen?" and he was, like, "Bah! Screw that" and he kicked the puppy! So I was, like, "YOU BASTARD!!" and so he hasn’t found his other foot and the fingers from his right hand yet... it’s been a week."

Age: 19
Hair: Dark purple
Eyes: Bright purple

Due to the fact that the moral workings of her dimension slightly differ from our own, Yoruko often gives one the impression that she’s a bit promis... prumescu... premis... that she’s a slut. But in truth she’s just comfortable with her body and sexuality. VERY comfortable. She’s also well versed in the world of clubs, and alcoholic substances you can drink while in said clubs. Do NOT mess with her when she’s hung over or you’ll likely loose your head. (And we’re not talking about the one on your shoulders >.<)

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but touch my beer and I’ll kill you."

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