Issue 01: Welcome to Genki Tokyo! May we take your sanity? Issue 02: The plot thickens... (Into a nice creamy Bernaise sauce!) Issue 03: The Trouble with Mystics Issue 04: He's not a Scientologist. You have nothing to fear. Issue 05: Don't anger the guy with the sharp thing. Issue 06: 3.14159 Sides to Every Story Issue 07: Talent Show Issue 08: Pay no attention to the man on the floor Issue 09: Happiness is a Pantsless Demon Issue 10: I'm here to speak l33t and chew bubblegum, and I'm all out of l33t. Issue 11: Her uncle, however, is perfectly fine. Issue 12: And now, a Public Fanservice Announcement Issue 13: Boxes are fun. Issue 14: Off to a Bad Start Issue 15: The Solution to all your Demon Education Needs Issue 16: Wierder than the Movie Issue 17: Parody ½ Issue 18: You'll Shoot Your Eyes Out Issue 19: That's One Dusty Book


Filler 1: And now a word from our sponsors Filler 2: The Attack of the Year-End Exams!!! Filler 3: Enter the Anti-Muse! Filler 4: Requiem for a Lost Hard-Drive Not-Actually-Filler: Not For The Kids Filler 5: Make With The Screaming

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