Hey, these look like links! But first, an explanation of the Webmonkey-o-meter rating system by Tayley-chan!

The Webmonkey-o-meter rating system is a way in which sites are rated based on the reactions of our friendly neighbourhood webmonkey, Jacoby. There are two seperate "o-meters" the "discomfort-o-meter" and the "impress-o-meter" The first being an equivalent to the G-R rating system of movies and such, and the latter being a system of how cool Jacoby thinks the site is ^-^ The systems are as follows:

Meh...: At this level of discomfort, Jacoby is unphased by any of the content within the site. This is equivalent to a G rating.
Uhhh... I'm gonna go over here now...: The site has become a little more disturbing. Perhaps via gore, perhaps via topics that may make some people uncomfortable. Equivalent to PG.
Oh. Dear. Lord.: Things are getting questionable. There is high violence and gore content, or sexuality. Perhaps some "Shonen-Ai"(Boy-Boy relationships *giggles like the fangirl she is*) Equivalent to AA.
MY EYES! THEY BLEED!!: Hardcore violence and/or sex. Sex involving almost any gender pairing. Only go to these sites is you are a) an extremely open-minded individual, or b) so desensitised that nothing gets to you. Equivalent of anything from R to XXX.
Eh, it's alright: The webmonkey is not impressed.
Hmmm... interesting: The webmonkey's attention has been caught. Some minor entertainment lies within.
Dude, that's cool.:An intertaining site. The webmonkey enjoys it.
I BOW AND SCRAPE BEFORE THE MIGHTY L337N355!!: This thing right here? It's a damn cool site.
Webmokey sez: You'll notice I don't give many Discomfort-o-meter ratings. I'm an easy marker.

And now that that's over, let's get to it!

Tayley-chan's Links!
Ah, Comics. Checking for updates has become a daily ritual of mine. Here be a list of my current faves.
8-Bit Theatre Fighter quests for swords and shineys, Black Mage quests for power and the right to stab Fighter in the face, Red Mage tries to max out his stats, Thief "borrows" lots of things, Black Belt catches the short end of the stick more often than not, and White Mage just tries to stay sane. ^-^ Fun times abound. I often fall off my chair laughing reading this one. Highly recommended.
Webmonkey sez: 8 whole bits of raw humor? SOLD!
Boy Meets Boy A shonen-ai fangirl's dream come true. ^-^ *swoons* I give it a hearty and swooning thumbs up. ^-^ Not for those who may be uncomfortable with homosexuality.
Webmonkey sez: Not really something I'd read, but it's not that bad. If you can watch "Will and Grace", you can read this. Oh, and the evil psycho landlady? Gold.
Iancomix Random fun times with Ian and his friends. Updated sparatically. I wish to kidnap Nick and keep him in a box, taking him out of said box on occasion and forcing him to amuse me with his wacky antics.
Webmonkey sez: It hardly ever updates, but when it does, it's great. His story about getting Lilo and Stitch toys being mistaken for buying weed is brilliant.
Legend of the Four Elves, elve-like things, magic, reincarnation, and an epic struggle for the fate of the world. Sign me up! This comic owns. It's owner is also the first person to ever send me fan-art. ^-^ That makes her doubly own.
Webmonkey sez: It's a rather intriguing comic, and she gave us fanart, so she gets a cookie. :)
MacHall Thoes responsible for this comic were the man long before you were any kind of man. Go read it. Now.
Webmonkey sez: In my esteemable opinion, Ian McConville is the Neo of Photoshop. Look at those backgrounds!
Megatokyo If you do not know of this comic, then you have my utmost pity. Quickly! Click the link! Come into the light!
Webmonkey sez: I can never figure out why Piro thinks he sucks when he rules so very much.
Men In Hats Simple art style, wonderful humour. Aram is my hero.
Webmonkey sez: "Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life." "What about today?" "Today you dance for my amusement." 'Nuff said.
Penny Arcade It's wangtastic.
Webmonkey sez: Screw your damn Slashdot! I'll read Tycho's rants instead, thank you very much!
Real Life Based on real life! ..... sometimes.
Webmonkey sez: BattleMech vs. Eva battles. Overclocked hampsters. Rampant time travel. Greg Dean must have the best life ever.
RPG World By Ian of Iancomix. This is more regularly updated than his other comic, and has higher quality art. Very fun.
Webmonkey sez: What 8-Bit Theatre is to NES Final Fantasy, RPG World is to PlayStation Final Fantasy.
Sinfest The hand of God, The Devil, and various other fun characters. ^-^
Webmonkey sez: It's updated daily, and God gives regular hand puppet shows and/or mocks the Devil on a regular basis. Damn funny stuff.
Wendy! There's no way to describe it. Just go read it. it's wonderful. I wish to bear it's children.
Webmonkey sez: Oh the randomness of it all!
Random Non-Comic Sites of Fun Times
Some fun sites to poke around.
Polykarbon An anime themed Tutorial site by a guy who has some kick-ass art under his belt. Also has an excellent support BBS for posting pics and getting tips. If your a new learner, or even an old hand at the trade, this is good place for tips and hints when it comes to drawing.
Webmonkey sez: The first time I saw this site, I looked at the front page and I knew he had skills. It wasn't until I looked at the Gallery that I could answer the question of just how many skills he has. Answer: A whole fucking lot.
Explodingdog Sam draws pictures, from your titles. Send Sam a title and he'll draw a picture for it. A very interesting site. His art is a very simplistic style but his images can still be very powerful.
Webmonkey sez: Yeah, they're sketchy, but in a way that is more awesome than you can possibly imagine.
Homestar Runner This is what happens when you have lots of free time and know how to use Flash. A wonderously entertaining site.
Webmonkey sez: This is the best mix of sheer Flash skills and crazy humor that I've seen on the Web to date. StrongBad makes my ever-lovin' day.
Art Sites
This is where I go when my ego gets too big. The work of these people makes it curl up in a corner and weep. Yeah, that's right, ego. Take it.
Zealotic Blade
Jo's playground
I'd add descriptions after these links, but there's only so many ways you can say "Gasp! Drool! This site owns!" ^-^
Webmonkey sez: This is actually rather hard to rate, first because I'm doing them all at once, and second because I couldn't get to 2 of them. But what I've seen, I like. Oh, and Jo? Give yourself a "BOW BEFORE THE MIGHTY L33TNESS" rating. You've fucking earned it.
More art links will be added as I ransack the net for pretty things to stare at. ^-^
Tayley's other sites
Tayley-Chan's DeadJournal Warning! This is a journal which on more than one occasion allows people to understand why I think I'm bi-polar. While there are happy things ranted about here, there are also lotsa bad day rants. Fear the bad day rants. Cursing abounds in them. Thank you, that is all. Webmonkey sez: I'm not rating this one. How can you rate a friend?
Tayley-Chan's DeviantArt account A fairly new thing I've aquired, this page makes me happy. Here you'll find some random art I've done, and maybe some day, prints of some of my better work for sale ^-^ And you KNOW you want to give me money for pretty things, right? ^-^
Webmonkey sez: Your one stop shop for Tayley-chan art skillz.

And now it's my turn!

Jacoby's Links!
I keep telling myself not to start reading a new webcomic. I keep telling myself not to let it take another chunk of my time. Then I tell myself to shut the hell up, and read the thing anyway.
PvP It's like Dilbert meets PC Gamer!
Webmonkey sez: An amusing comic, directed at gamers that updates daily. What's not to like? Scott Kurtz may well be the first professional webcomic artist.
Bruno the Bandit An amusing fantasy comic about the dumbest thief ever. Keep an eye out for references to Ailix, the creator of this world's domiant religion. He's like Jesus, if He had a thing for snooker. :)
Webmonkey sez: I still remember getting an email from the creator when I worked at my university paper asking me to put him on the paper's website. :) (He's a fellow Newfoundlander, by the way.)
Ozy and Millie It's been compared to Calvin and Hobbes. CALVIN AND HOBBES, DAMMIT! CALVIN AND FREAKIN' HOBBES! Why aren't you reading it!?! Go! Now!
Webmonkey sez: Why the hell are you still here!?!
Lethal Doses It's quite similar in style to Real Life, MacHall, etc., but it's still good.
Webmonkey sez: It's too bad it only updates about twice a month. Funny stuff, though.
Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire Say you've got the power to see the future, and you try to make a living using it. You now have all the problems of seeing the future, combined with the problems of dealing with morons.
Webmonkey sez: It's got great storylines, snappy writing, and the guy dresses like Dr. Who. Me like.
Utukki Babylonian mythology speaks of Ki, the youngest of the seven brothers known as the Utukki, who was sealed away by the goddess Ishtar for crimes against his eldest brother. This didn't sit well with his human lover, Kulitta, a priestess of Ishtar, who renounced her priestesshood and vowed to bring Ki back, no matter the cost. It is now 6000 years later. And Kulitta is ready to revive Ki.
Webmonkey sez: I had intended to give this a lesser rating, but they've gotten back on schedule, and the concept is one of the coolest I've seen in a while.
Hamlet: The Manga The cast of Slayers performs Hamlet! See Zelgadis try to direct while maintaining his sanity! See Prince Phil deal with speeches without the word "justice"! See Lina beat Zelgadis for making her Horatio!
Webmonkey sez: It's Shakespeare done by the cast of Slayers, and it works. You've got guts, folks. Not to mention the skills.
Commander Kitty Like Star Trek with animals. Incompetent animals.
Webmonkey sez: Great art, sci-fi, fun for all ages. Me like.
Mnemesis When you die, you go to Post York. It's not heaven and it's not hell, but it's not half bad either.
Webmonkey sez: It's new, which is a shame, because I really want to see where this one is going.
StarSomething Dash Breakneck, captain of the Reckless Abandon, has a mission! He has to bring the saviour of the universe... somewhere. It's not a problem, really. The aliens who picked Tom (the saviour dude) assured Dash that destiny will take care of it all. Of course, these are the guys who picked him by rock-paper-scissors.
Webmonkey sez: A fun sci-fi romp by Ian J. and the creator of Adventurers. Reminds me of Spaceballs.
Bob the Angry Flower He's Bob, he's angry, he's a flower. End of story.
Webmonkey sez: This one is great. Any comic with semi-frequent cameos by Kofi Annan is automatically great.
Cigarro and Cerveja Keep in mind: Their names mean "cigarettes" and "beer".
Webmonkey sez: A great university newspaper comic by a fellow Canadian. Keep an eye out for Dr. Intelligencia. He reminds me of Mojo Jojo.
I was going to link a lot more of these, since there's a lot of funny ones out there. This is getting too long, though, so I'll just link to a few.
Demented Cartoon Movie The most surreally funny Flash on the web.
Webmonkey sez: Such senseless cartoon violence... could I hope for anything more?
Xiao Xiao When one thinks "stick figures", one doesn't generally think of The Matrix. Maybe you should.
Webmonkey sez: The current theories surrounding these animations hold that the creator either has a cybernetic link to his Flash program or is some form of god.
Work It! A very catchy music video using oldskool NES sprites, set to "Work It!" by Daft Punk
Webmonkey sez: The creator had to modify this one to loop continuously, because once people had watched it, they wanted to watch it again immediately. Tell you anything?
Kerrigan and the Frog A cute story about an alien girl who loves muffins.
Webmonkey sez: Must... resist... cuteness...!
Legend of ZELDA! A very amusing Legend of Zelda music video set to a theme song remix
Webmonkey sez: The pointless Penny Arcade comic shot. Riverdancing Link. The Mattress of Time. Dear lord, The Mattress of Time!
Some of the other sites I like.
Brunching Shuttlecocks One of the funniest comedy sites on the Web.
Webmonkey sez: Lore's Ratings are pretty much the entire reason for this rating.
Slumbering Lungfish The amusing weblog of Brunching Shuttlecocks' Lore.
Webmonkey sez: This, besides Tayley-Chan's, is the only blog I read.
PopCap Games These guys make the most addictive puzzle games ever, and you can play them on your browser. Now wave goodbye to your productivity.
Webmonkey sez: Just go play the games, and you'll see...
CheapAss Games Some of the most imaginative games ever, at prices that could never dream of breaking any sort of bank.
Webmonkey sez: If it weren't for my chronic lack of funds, I'd get everything they have.
Shift Magazine Like Wired Magazine, but with a pop culture bent.
Webmonkey sez: The articles in this magazine speak to me in a way no other magazine has.
Hatrack River The official site of one of my favorite sci-fi writer, Orson Scott Card.
Webmonkey sez: This site is about more than his books. There's OSC Reviews Everything, Uncle Orson's Writing Class, the War Watch... It's just great.
Uplink A great computer game based on Hollywood movie-style hacking.
Webmonkey sez: It's got the movie-style hacking feel down.
Acts Of Gord Bow before the bitter might of The Gord, almighty owner and proprieter of Gamer's Edge, the Revolutionary Video Game Store of the Future, and smiter of the asses of the dumb!
Webmonkey sez: Have you ever worked in retail? Ever wanted to give idiot customers a piece of your mind and get away with it? This guy is living every last one of your fantasies.
Phong The great Jedi master of Photoshop to all us padawans.
Webmonkey sez: The skills! They're everywhere!

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