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For the sake of stuff

It has come to my attention via various things, not the least of which is my oversized paperweight formally known as a scanner, that I really REALLY need to start earing a bit of money. So, on top of doing the usual job hunt thing, I'm going to start doing commissions.

Currently I won't be doing any color works, as I have no suitable supplies for such, so it'll just be good old pencil and/or inks. As well, money order only as I don't have a paypal account or any other thing like that. Prices (in USD) are roughly as follows:

Single character, no BG - $10

Per extra character - $5

Add BG - $5

Now, these prices are NOT written in stone. They could go lower or higher depeneding on how difficult or otherwise the commission is and so forth.

All requests/questions/etc. should be sent to commissions@otakumail.com

And, just to get it out of the way, yes, I WILL draw naughty stuff... to a point. There is only so far I will go when it comes to that sort of thing, and it WILL cost a bit extra. To find out how far is too far, send an e-mail to the above mentioned address.

I really do hope some of you lovely people are interested in purchasing something from me. I guarantee you that I will put as much effort as humanly possible into my commissions. You'll get your monies worth, I promise you.

Besides, money spent on these commissions will be money put towards the comic, nine times out of ten. So that's another reason to order one, ne?

- Tayley-Chan
Artist and self-proclaimed Femboy no Miko
(Posted on June 2, 2003)

God bless you, id Software

Well, the dream is over. Ragnarok Online's beta is done, and it's gone pay. It was a fun game, but I really don't have the cash to pay the monthly fees, and if I did, I'd get a different one. It would have been neat if it had had a cheaper fee. It could have been the clever $20 game of the MMORPG world.

In any case, I've got a new game to fill the void: Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Originally, it was to be an expansion for Return to Castle Wolfenstein, but now it's a stand-alone game. It's got some neat mechanics, like experience points that your soldier gets from various things (kills, being in battle, doing things befitting your class), which get you certain benefits and promotions. Oh yeah, and did I mention that it's free? Guess I must have missed that part...

In other news, both Wierd Al's new album, Poodle Hat, and the preview of the last chapter of Broken Saints are out. I suggest you check out both. You won't be sorry.

Take care, all. (July 14th? I have to wait a month!!)

- Jacoby, your friendly neighbourhood webmonkey
(Posted on June 2, 2003)


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